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Jessie is an American tech CEO who walked away from his successful software company, leaving behind fame and millions. Burnt out from the constant pressure to perform perfectly for investors, he noticed that he had become a workaholic without even knowing it. During this time, Jessie also came to the realization that the unfortunate personal cost of chasing the American Dream is a loss in a person’s peace, balance and enjoyment in life. Armed with this awareness he made it his new goal to help working adults regain those three things. 

Eventually Jessie started getting invited to speak at various business conferences around the United States. Though the audiences and event planners expected him to talk about business and career strategies, Jessie surprised them by delivering passionate speeches on a wide range of topics, including family, fun, stress, religion, hobbies, friendship, and love to name a few. His shocking speeches resonated with audiences across the nation, unexpectedly turning Jessie into one of the most popular public speakers in America.

Jessie quickly achieved his goal, by helping thousands of working adults regain peace, balance, and enjoyment in their lives through his messages. As a result, he stepped away from the limelight, opting to permanently retire from public speaking and enjoy life in anonymity.

In Inspirational Speeches to Americans, you will hear the exact words from the speeches that were originally given by Jessie, but for this audiobook, they will be performed by the main voice actor from our cast. Additionally, you will follow the journey of Jason, a burned out office employee, working a job he doesn’t like while trying to find enjoyment outside his job. Which he eventually was able to accomplish despite many obstacles in a way he never expected.